Fabrizio Filippi




... the landscape of beautiful Tuscany appears with such a close-up truth, pasing through choice of colours and perfect reflection of shades...

Giuseppina Maggi, Presidente International Academy "City of Rome".

... You look at his pictures and you bathe yourself in the nature: an alive nature with sensitive and expressive pictorial touch.
... The delicacy of the brush is alive, flood of optimism, where the artist spaces with the strength of the feeling. True art shines through from all his paintings...


The aesthetical research of Fabrizio Filippi moves within in the area of an intimistic painting with a sincere and expressive sentimental binding to the places and the landscape...
... the artist paints following this line and this dimension to give form to an image which originally appears and soon becomes a sensation of ours, eventually turning to a loving and indelible presence with transparency of light and delicate substances of pictorial matter.
... the artist pour out freely his ardours and his instinct, accommodating the suggestions received from his more secluded " Self "...

Mario Domenico Storari.

The painting of Fabrizio Filippi leads us in a world of charm, where we can find atmospheres and images softly made of visions and pastoral poems impregnated of peace and quiet... Warm artist, serene, communicative, vital: we immediately recognize in his work that purity of tones mixed to the strength of light softly and suggestively laid by his brush...

Anna Maria de Dominicis, gallery and arts critic.


.......There is in Fabrizio Filippi an absorbed and serene" poetry of the reality", a
contemplation of the nature that leavens on the cloth with a clear management
of the sign and the color.

Bruna Bonfante


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